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Professional ​

Masters in Education

Montessori trained teacher

Trained in the Fountas and Pinnell Phonics Programme for K-2 primary grades

Documenter and developer of child-led curriculum based on classroom observations, anecdotal notes, pictures and genuine interactions with children

Experience in setting up learning spaces that reflect a holistic development of the child

Core Competencies

Reggio Emilia Documentation

Fountas and Pinnell Phonics K-2

Readers & Writers Workshop K-2 

Saxon Math Implementer

Montessori Materials

Flying Start to Literacy Programme

Web design

Google Drive Software

FreshGrade App

Middle School French Teacher 2018-present
International School of Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya


Design Units of Study in alignment with the school's aims, mission and vision in collaboration with colleagues and students

Teach students in multiage classes and create learning experiences to enable them achieve their learning goals

Introduce interactive, self directed activities that target the four components of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing

Lead advisory classes to facilitate students' transition from Elementary to Middle School

Contribute to school wide and community related initiatives   

Head of Early Years Programme  2013-2017
Woodland Star International School
Tigoni, Kenya​


Part of the Leadership team committed to school's continuous growth and excellent quality of education

Pastoral care for students, colleagues and members of the community

Develop the curriculum with Early Years colleagues and students according to the termly themes

Brainstorm, create and reflect on child led projects to enable the implementation of an integrated curriculum  

Maintain excellent relationships with the school community 

Lead and facilitate team building and professional development sessions with the Early Years team focusing mainly on the project based learning

Teacher, Kindergarten/Grade 1  2015-2017
Woodland Star International School
Tigoni, Kenya​

Implement Units of Study of the Readers and Writers workshop for levels K-2

Develop interdisciplinary projects according to the school's termly themes

Collaborate and reflect with colleagues to asses and enrich the curriculum while complying with the Common Core Standards

Create IEP's according to students' needs and progress

Reflect and assist students in compiling portfolios by using multimedia tools such as anecdotal notes, observations, conversations, pictures and videos

Foster a culture of communications that is open, respectful  and professional.  

Pilot the FreshGrade assessment app for my homeroom students

Lead Teacher in a multiage classroom 2011-2013
Woodland Star International School
Tigoni, Kenya​


Create developmentally appropriate learning spaces for a multiage classroom 

Teach literacy and math using Montessori materials and Jolly Phonics programme

Infuse termly themes with science activities and experiments creating tangible experiences

Introduce and deliver French language curriculum for students ages 4 to 12 years old

Enrich the school's Green Focus curriculum by creating a balance of environmental content and experiential learning such as edible gardens, exploring the indigenous forest on campus and planting trees

Teacher in the Early Years Programme 2008-2010
Purple Elephant School (Reggio Inspired school)
Bangkok, Thailand​


Create a loving and emotionally safe environment for the children

Enrich projects related to broad topics such as light, water and recycling materials

Implement art techniques that best represent children's ideas and learning about a given topic

Brainstorm, collaborate and reflect with colleagues different stages of project work 

Attend regular trainings with mentors and Atelieristas from Reggio Emilia schools








TED talks and TEDx Events
Buck Institute for Education Webinars on Project Based Learning
Reggio Emilia Philosophy
Sir Ken Robinson's work

Drama based education
Golf, Tennis, Running
Historical fiction books
Classical music and ballet
Trails and hiking


Reggio Children Centre, Reggio Emilia, Italy 

April 2015

International Study Tour

University of Nottingham


Master's degree in Education, Reflective practices and child-centered learning and teaching.


Modern Montessori International, London UK


Diploma in the Montessori Method of Education  


University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences


Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Majoring in Marketing


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